Monday, October 14, 2013

The Best and Worst of Writing


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Hi, all! Jennifer here.

You know...writing makes me feel bi-polar.  LOL!

There. I said it.

But it's true!

Being an author has to be on the top ten list of professions with many ups and downs. I feel as if I'm on rollercoaster all the time. But maybe it's the unpredictability and those highs that keep us writing.

I suppose I'm getting philosophical because I just wrote "THE END" on my sixth manuscript.

Can I tell you how GREAT it feels?! (One of the HIGHS I just mentioned)

I thought for fun I'd break down what I love most and what I hate most about writing, since it's on my mind now. And I know in the next few weeks, I'll be back down at a LOW again. LOL

(It's the nature of the beast of writing) But one I wouldn't trade for anything.


1-Plotting:  Yes! I love to plot. I think I love to plot more than actually write. LOL! Plotting is where everything about your story is new and shiny. Even your characters names! Putting down a bunch of ideas down on paper gets me excited to write about them.

2—The End: I know. Most authors are sad to let their characters go. Not me. I'm thrilled. It's like going to a wedding. I had a great time, but we can't do the chicken dance all night. The couple needs to start their life together. :)

3—Editing: Seriously. I could edit a book to DEATH. It's getting it all out on paper first that is the hard part for me.


1- Beginning: I AGONIZE on where to start my stories and usually end up changing the first few pages a couple of times.

2—The Synopsis: I know I'm alone in this. But it is part of the submitting process I truly dread—until it's done.

3—Waiting: It takes so much time to write the book, then you have to WAIT to edit the book before you submit, then you submit the book and have to WAIT to hear from your agent or editor, then WAIT again for it to go through the process of preparing it to be published. UGH. Pure agony.

Do you feel dizzy from those highs and lows I mentioned?

What about you?
If you are a writer, what do you love most about writing? Hate most?


About Jennifer Shirk

Jennifer Shirk is a sweet romance author for Samhain, Montlake Romance and Entangled Publishing who also happens to be a mom, pharmacist, Red Sox fan, P90x grad, and overall nice person. Check out her latest release: A LITTLE BIT CUPID at an e-tailer near your computer. :)


  1. Hi Jennifer!! And what a great blog to guest post in! Pink typewriter! Yay!

    I totally hate synopsis writing too- but that's because I'm such a panster and just tend to wing it! LOL!!

    Take care

  2. Pretty much the same for me, especially the drafting/editing. The only thing I dislike about plotting is the logical part of the mystery/suspense. Thank goodness husband is a logic rock and steps in when I need help filling plot holes. HATE the synopsis.

  3. I laughed out loud when I read this "The Synopsis: I know I'm alone in this."

    1. Oh, you hate the synopsis too? Wow... LOL

  4. I love plotting and writing, too! The lows are the first draft revision. It's overwhelming because there's so much to fix, change, cut out, add in, and it seems like it can never be good enough. But once I get going, I start enjoying it, making my writing better and better.

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  5. I'm with you on the waiting - it's killer! I love the blank page and that first draft though - definitely my very favourite parts! :)

  6. Oh, yes. We ALL love doing those synopses. Kind of like hitting yourself with a hammer. It feels so good when it's over. :)

    I actually do like writing the beginning though. It's my favorite part. :)

  7. I do a lot of rewriting, especially rewriting my synopsis and the beginnings and endings of my books. I love that moment when my story clicks and the characters become real to me. I hate when I write myself into a corner and have to tear out a few thousand words. The story is better for it, but those lost hours hurt!

    1. Yes! It does hurt. I always save those words on an extra word doc, thinking I might have to put them back. And I never do. LOL

  8. Yes, I do feel like I am on a roller coaster ride sometimes. But overall I love it with the exception of bad reviews, the query and synopsis, and yes, the waiting part. In regard to waiting, a writer friend says that there are two speeds for that - slow and slower. I think she is right. :)

  9. Writing is totally a life of up and down. For me waiting is the hardest thing ever. I'm terribly impatient when it comes to writing and the waiting part of the process. I like getting the first draft down and polishing.

  10. Hi Jennifer,

    I like everything about writing. And I hate everything about it!

  11. Hey Jennifer! LOL about feeling bipolar. I'll have to agree with the beginning and the synopsis being the parts I hate tackling the most.