Monday, July 8, 2013

Please welcome Kamy Chetty!

hosted by: Jennifer Faye

Coffee anyone?

Everybody who is anybody in the writing world will have one message for you when it comes to writing. Connect with your character so you can take your reader on an emotional journey.

The key has to be making your reader connect with your character and care about what happens to them. I always ask myself, is this someone I see myself out having coffee with? Am I comfortable with you the character is? Are they a good fit for the story? Are their actions believable?

I find the last one the most important because I am always mindful of what motivates my characters. I like knowing what makes them tick and even though the reader may not know whether they had nightmares when they were six, I do.

There are many tools to help writers get to know their characters. The most common is to interview the character and do a character sketch making sure you note physical characteristics like height, eye and hair colour. I prefer having a chat over coffee and then taking notes.

So what’s your method of getting into your characters’ heads and why does it work for you?

Thank you for having me here and I look forward to hearing about your characters.

After a tour at war and countless shifts in the hospital emergency room, Nick knows that no matter how hard he tries to change things, people are the same. So when his estranged wife Skylar reveals that she stopped taking birth control and is pregnant, he shouldn’t be shocked. Betrayal burns and panic sets in as memories of his shattered home life remind him that he can’t play happy families.

Skylar knows one thing—she’s head over nurse’s shoes in love with the stubborn and unemotional Nick. She loves him enough to believe in the man he is, even though he can’t see it for himself and hides behind a mask. As he calls their child “hers” and tries to live apart from her, Skylar’s heart breaks, but she refuses to give up hope that he’ll do the right thing.

When disaster strikes, Skylar realizes Nick might never change, so she risks everything and sets him free, hoping he’ll come back, for her and their baby. Is heat, passion and a vow enough to seal this marriage and make them a family?

Reader Alert! Their passion and devotion will make you root for them, and their sexual tension will set you ablaze.

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Family Ties
A woman with no family ties of her own, desperate to fulfill her dream of having a child finds she cannot conceive a child naturally. A man who feels guilt over his ex-wife's death, cannot find closure. Can the attraction these two people feel be enough to overcome their conflicting desires, especially when Jack finds himself the guardian of a baby he isn't sure he can be responsible for.

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Author Bio:

There hasn’t been a time in her life that Kamy hasn’t been writing, or dreaming up some magical love story in her head. As an avid reader, it wasn’t long before she realised her talent for turning a phrase, and add to that a profession of nursing, it’s only natural that her stories have a medical theme with that happily ever after ending.
Recently she’s discovered that all those years she’s been fascinated with TV shows like CSI and Bones, has just been foreplay for her dark side and she now enjoys writing suspense with a dash of medical and a dollop of romance.
Originally from South Africa, Kamy now lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her very own hero and two children who keep her busy. She has two dogs who keep her out of trouble and shelves overflowing with books that she loves reading when she isn’t chasing deadlines.

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  1. Hi Kamy, great idea about the character interviews. I love the emotional journeys you take me, the reader, on. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks Tash:-) Character interviews are great to keep things in persepctive.

  3. Hi, Kamy. Thanks so much for hanging with the ladies of the Hot Pink Typewriter. We're thrilled to have you. :-)

    As for getting to know my characters, hmm...I guess you'd say I talk to them a lot in my head first. And as their story unfolds on the computer screen, I get to know them better. Nothing like seeing how a person will react in certain situations to get to know why they act the way they do. ;-)

    Good luck with your books!

    1. Glad to know I am not the only one who talks to characters in my head. Great stuff;-)

  4. I don't do an interview, but I do jot down a lot of random notes about them and what makes them tick. :)

    Great meeting you!

    1. That works just as well Jennifer, thanks for dropping by;-)

  5. Thanks so much for hanging out with us, Kamy! :)
    I've never done a character interview, but I do keep a journal of sorts that contains random information and notes about them, including descriptions and bios.
    Your books sound wonderful. All the best for your continued success.