Monday, June 10, 2013

Beating The Clock by Jennifer Faye

As you can tell by the time this post is going up that this week the clock is being me. *sigh*

Sometimes it works out that way. Family obligations overtake work deadlines. This is a shining example.

But most times, I can hit my deadlines. This month and next month will put me to the test as my debut, RANCHER TO THE RESCUE, releases July 1st and I embark on my first ever blog tour. It’s a little intimidating, a bit overwhelming and a lot exciting. :-)

And while all of this is going on, I’m back on deadline. So how do I beat the clock and get my newest manuscript turned in on time?

It all started years ago when I started doing NaNo. And it doesn’t hurt that I came from a background of statistical work which relied heavily on spreadsheets. So every time I have a deadline, I set up a spreadsheet.

I use a calendar format and make it big enough to encompass the beginning and ending dates. Then I simply add formulas to calculate how many words I write each day, how many words minimum I must write to finish by my deadline.

Since I’m sort of a #’s freak, I love updating the spreadsheet and seeing my percentage finished climb. When I’m writing, I generally update it each time I save my manuscript. What can I say? It’s the simple things that entertain me. :-)

How about you? What keeps you on track?

Jennifer Faye’s debut, RANCHER TO THE RESCUE, is available NOW at Or it’s up for Pre-order at Amazon & B&N. She’d love to hear from you via Twitter, her website, or Facebook.


  1. Wishing you oodles of luck with your first-ever blog tour, Jennifer - I hope you have lots of fun. And so exciting as the days tick away until your release. Your spreadsheet made me smile, by the way. I run a mile from anything that resembles one outside of the day job, so I admire your commitment. ;-)

  2. Thanks Lindsay! This blog tour is going to be a totally new experience for me. Hope I get to meets lots of new people.

    And LOL on the spreadsheet. I've always loved them. :-)

  3. Nano got me interested in number counts, too, but I'm not at all diligent about keeping track in an attractive format. It's more like I set a daily or weekly word count goal and go from there. Have fun with the blog tour! It's definitely exciting. :-)

  4. Natalie, at first I tried setting a generic word goal like 1K or 2K a day but then when I didn't write for a day or two or failed to meet that goal, I started to worry if I would get done in time. Hence my spreadsheet, it lets me know exactly where I am and what I have to do to meet my deadline.

    less worrying = more output. ;-)

  5. Lol did you just use the word 'simple' when describing a spreadsheet???
    Lots of luck on your blog tour and ever so close release day! :-)

  6. Umm...yeah, I did. I'm guilty of spending years developing spreadsheets. They're second-nature to me. ;-)

    And thanks so much for the good wishes on my blog tour. Just hoping some people show up to chat...and win some books.

  7. I hope you enjoy your blog tour Jennifer I'm sure you will. :-)
    I love your spreadsheet idea but as I love lists its not really surprising is it? :-)

    1. Thanks!

      I love lists too. When someone needs something at the store I tell them to put it on the list. Then I grab the list and go. And I love a to-do list. Marking things off is my favorite part. ;-)