Monday, March 4, 2013

KISS author, Jackie Braun Q&A plus GIVEAWAY

Please welcome Jackie Braun!

Jackie is a RITA award and National Readers’ Choice Award finalist. She has penned over 29 romances for Harlequin. Her latest book, “Must Like Kids” is part of Harlequin’s new and exciting line KISS.

She has generously offered to giveaway a copy of her KISS novel to one lucky commenter. So make sure you leave a comment before you go. We’d love to hear from you. J

Thanks for stopping in and chatting with us, Jackie. And congratulations on being chosen to head up the new Harlequin line KISS. There’s lot of exciting buzz going around about this fun and flirty line. And let me tell those covers really catch a person’s eye—they’re beautiful!

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Could you share a little with us about your first KISS novel, “Must Like Kids”?

Alec McAvoy is the single CEO of a fictional company called for Best For Baby. After a seemingly anti-child remark that Alec makes goes viral, his company’s board of directors brings in an image consultant to do damage control. Julia Stillwell is a widowed mom of two. She’s not looking for love, but she can’t deny the sparks that fly whenever she and Alec are alone. Thanks to her efforts, she eventually has the public believing that Alec will make the ideal family man. But is the transformation only skin-deep?  

And could you tell everyone a little about the KISS line? What should the reader expect between the colorful covers of a KISS novel?

These are fun and flirty contemporary reads with varying heat levels. They’ll find a little sass. A little humor. And a lot of sexual tension. 

How does KISS differ from the other Harlequin lines?

It’s the writers’ voices, I believe. Our writing is very contemporary and in the moment.

Are KISS novels steamy? Or sweet? 

They’re both! Each month readers will find two steamier novels and two that are more “closed door” when it comes to sex. The titles and covers are good indicators of the heat levels readers will find. 

Now, tell us a little about yourself: 

I am a Michiganian born and raised. Other than a summer in New York City as an intern at Good Housekeeping magazine and 10 months at The Niagara Gazette in Niagara Falls New York, I have lived in “the Mitten” my entire life. I’ve wanted to write since I was in grade school, and followed my dad’s advice to “get a day job.” I chose journalism, since it involved writing, and have spent the past 25 years working in various capacities for newspapers. For the past nine years, however, my full-time gig has been writing books. I’m married, with two kids, and we recently added a dog to the mix.

I read on your website that you spent six years writing your first really, really long manuscript. Talk about determination. It never took me quite that long but sometimes it sure felt like it. J How do you manage your writing now that you have deadlines? Do you have a regular schedule? Any quirks?

Before I was published, I foolishly waited for my muse to inspire me. I had plenty of excuses for not sitting down at my computer, sometimes for weeks at a time. That all changed when I went to my first RWA conference, pitched that abomination of a book to an agent and realized it was, well, crap. When I got home, I started another book. This one took me a few months to write. It eventually sold to Silhouette Romance. More sales followed until I was writing about three books a year in addition to regular freelance work for the local newspaper. Now, I usually write every day—yes, even weekends and sometimes even holidays.

What does HEA mean to you as an author for the KISS line?

It means the same thing it always has, I guess. My hero and heroine ultimately overcome all of the obstacles I cruelly place in their way and wind up together. Whether that means getting married or finally admitting their love, they know there’s no one else on the planet more perfect for them.

If you could only share one bit of advice with an unpublished writer, what would it be?

Don’t give up. And don’t keep massaging those first few chapters trying to make them perfect. Write the entire book and THEN go back over.

Before you go, could you tell us a little about your next release and when we can expect to see it on store shelves and the Internet? 

I have two releases coming up, both in September at this point. One is another KISS titled Greek for Beginners. It’s about a woman who finally works up the courage to dump her dud of a fiancĂ© and then goes alone on her honeymoon in Greece, where she meets and falls for a sexy Greek businessman.  

The other is a novella in an anthology from Entangled Publishing that includes stories by Susan Meier, Barbara Wallace and Shirley Jump. I’m not sure of the title yet, but it features a matchmaking Jack Russell terrier named Charlie who helps reunite my hero and heroine.

Jackie, it’s been wonderful having you. Thank you so much for stopping by The Hot Pink Typewriter!!! We hope you’ll stop by again soon.

Thanks for having me! I enjoyed being here. And I’m eager to give away a copy of my book to one lucky reader!

And readers, please don’t forget about the chance to win a copy of “Must Like Kids” by leaving a comment. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

"Children have a place and it's anywhere I'm not!"

It was one off-the-cuff remark. But when it goes viral, Alec McAvoy is labeled the playboy CEO of Best for Baby—who hates kids!

Enter Julia Stillwell, image consultant extraordinaire. The widowed mom of two has a knack for changing public opinion, and she'll teach Alec all he needs to know. But once they start this makeover, they don't want to stop…and that's when one little kiss leads to many, many others!

So now Julia's worked her magic, but is Alec's transformation only skin-deep? Or can this hunky executive convince her that he is ready to become a family man—so long as it's with Julia?


  1. Great interview, Jackie and the Kiss covers are very pretty aren't they? I'm liking the sound of your Greek as well!!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. The covers certainly are fun and bright!

  3. Jackie, thanks so much for stopping by. Your new book and the KISS line are very exciting. I look forward to reading many more. :-)

  4. Loved the interview, Jackie. Your books always delight, surprise and bring HEAs in wonderfully unique ways to the reader. You know I've always been a big fan!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Jackie! Congrats on the newest release!

  6. Great interview! I especially like your advice, Jackie, about not massaging the first chapters but to finish the book first. Wishing you the best.

    1. Glad you found the advice valuable. Think of writing as painting. An artist doesn't paint one leaf to perfection. She does the entire landscape and then comes back to add the details.

  7. Sounds like a cute story! Who hasn't said something they wished they could take back.

    1. Happens every day to me, Melissa. LOL

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  10. Hi Jackie! I loved Must Love Kids. Also-what you said to Diane, above about going in and adding detail later, like in a painting. That's a great way to put it.

  11. Amen re: the first three chapters. The number of comp entries I've judged where the first three are really promising and the rest degenerates into a hot mess. LIke they ran out of puff (or maybe patience). I have Must Love on my TBR pile, getting closer to it by the day :)

  12. I love the sound of Must Like Kids, Jackie! And I had a little giggle at Alec's off the cuff comment. ;-)

    Also, excellent writing advice about pushing through and finishing the darn novel. There'll be plenty of time for editing and polishing later.

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  15. I Lurve stories with kids in (probably because I never write them myself!).. And so true about not giving up and not getting stuck on those first three chapters. I don't even want to tell you how many 'started but never finished' mss I have on my computer from those long years before I got published. Finishing the book was the key for me, once I'd don't that I knew I could do it again - not matter how crap that first effort.

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