Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who's Your Celebrity Valentine?

Over here at The Hot Pink Typewriter, we're always willing to take one for the romance team. That's why we scoured the Internets to find some of the hottest guys around to take on a virtual Valentine's Day date. It's all in the name of research, folks, and if you happen to find some inspiration for your next book on this list, well…you're welcome. 

Ami Weaver
Celebrity Valentine: "That would have to be Alex O'Loughlin. I know, I know, me and every other woman, right?? LOL."
What does he have to do to make you blush? "I'm an easy blusher. To be honest I think all he'd have to do would be to say hi. Or offer me chocolates! :)"
Jennifer Faye
Celebrity Valentine: "My favorite literary hero definitely has to be Rhett Butler. He's just so dashing and take charge. *swoons* As for a favorite celebrity crush, hmm...this is a toughy as Magnum P.I. aka Tom Selleck has been a lifelong crush. But after watching The Tudors, Henry Cavill has definitely caught my eye. ;-)"

Jennifer Shirk
Celebrity Valentine: Patrick Dempsey
What does he have to do to make you blush? "Actually, all he'd have to do is point those baby blues at me and I'd melt…then blush from melting. LOL. But I would definitely die and turn three shades of pink if he were to come to one of my book signings just to tell me he recognized himself as one of my heroes in my books. (I totally based my character Sam in Sunny Days for Sam after him!)"

Lindsay Pryor
Celebrity Valentine: "I don’t have any celebrity crushes, mainly because I need to get behind the exterior to whatever lies underneath before I can develop a soft spot for someone. I can pick two characters though – and I have to pick two because I simply can’t choose between them. I adore Mitchell from Being Human (UK). Intense, tortured, working so hard to fit in and forever skirting the periphery, he’s an intriguing balance of light and dark with his vulnerable streak. And it does help when you add Aidan Turner’s beautiful brown eyes and that voice to the mix. My second choice is Han Solo from Star Wars. One of my childhood crushes, the appeal has never waned. He might be charming, funny and mischievous but he’s also very capable, skilled at his job, one of life’s survivors and bravely loyal to his friends. With just enough edge to keep him interesting, he’s the perfect hero in my eyes."

Natalie Charles
Celebrity Valentine: David Gandy
What does he have to do to make you blush? "If he so much as made eye contact with me, I'd probably slur my speech and then trip over my own feet. Blushing would be the least of it."

Olivia Miles
Celebrity Valentine: Bradley Cooper
What does he have to do to make you blush? "Not much! All he has to do is smile. The baby blues do the rest…"

Rachel Lyndhurst
Celebrity Valentine: Chief Scout, ex British Special Forces,  survival expert and all round  superhero, Bear Grylls (
What does he have to do to make you blush? "He’d make me blush just by being in the same room, but if he then dropped down on one knee and begged me to go away with him on a wild weekend I‘d squirm a lot too. Wild? It would be rude to push for specifics and an itinerary after such an offer … but what’s a girl to pack? And would there be loo roll? I’m going pink just thinking about it …"

Tina Vaughn
Celebrity Valentine: Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries)
What do you love about him? "He's the ultimate Alpha male. Dark, dangerous, sexy and tortured. I love him. His beautiful and deadly exterior masks a tortured soul whose capacity for love is all-consuming and selfless. *sigh* He's the ultimate playboy, rebel, bad boy, tortured and misunderstood hero. It's a combination I can't resist. ;-)"

Victoria James
Celebrity Valentine: Christian Bale
What would he have to do to make you blush? "It wouldn't take much! Um…read a love scene from one of my books? J"

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  1. This is a tough choice, since there are so many great options to choose from!

    I agree with Lindsay on Han Solo being the original to-die-for hero. In fact, I notice that your description of why he's so appealing could also fit my current latest fave - Chris Pine's version of Captain Kirk.

  2. Oh Natalie, such a good choice in Dave Gandy! He wouldn't mind you blushing, he's such a gentleman. :0)

    1. That's right -- didn't you meet him? I will forever be jealous and relieved it wasn't me. I'm useless around so much hot.

    2. Yes, I did meet him, Natalie and was such a gibbering mess he laughed his head off! I have vague memories of gushing like a maniac. Poor man!

  3. I loved reading these! Great choices!

  4. Ah yes, Romy - Chris Pine's version of Captain Kirk is yummy. I also agree with Tina on Damon, who was my third choice, and for all the same reasons that Tina picked. :-)