Monday, November 26, 2012

Scarlet Wilson is in the Hot Seat!!!

Scarlet, welcome to the Hot Pink Typewriter! We’re thrilled to have you. Congratulations on your latest book, Her Christmas Eve Diamond,” which is available this month via Harlequin Medicals.

An unforgettable Christmas!
Nurse Cassidy Rae is a stickler for rules, but even she revels in the magic of Christmas! Unlike new Registrar Brad Donovan, who hates Christmas. With his surfer-boy looks and cocky charm, he's severely testing Cassidy's goodwill to all men. But in the festive season miracles can happen—and Brad’s about to give Cassidy a Yuletide to remember…
You can find a copy at the following locations:
Wow, sounds great. I can’t wait to read it! What could be better than a holiday romance? Not a thing I can think of. J
Today’s Medicals are nothing like those in years past. Would mind telling everyone how today’s Medicals differ?
In years gone by medicals were very traditional doctor-nurse romances.  These still exist today but more often today the woman has an equal role to the male.  Today’s heroines are very feisty and just as determined as their male counterparts.  Medical romances also feature some less traditional occupations – vets, male-female police/firefighter and ambulance personnel. 
Would you mind sharing a little about your book? What was your inspiration?
This book is set in Glasgow, the nearest city to me.  There are a lot of Christmas traditions in Glasgow and most of them have made their way into the book – the ice rink and international market at George Square, the lighting up of the tree.  Lots of Scottish words and a little unhealthy Scottish food has also managed to find their way into this book!
Doing the research involved with writing a Medical must be time consuming, can you share with us how you balance your writing with the rest of your life? Do you have a regular schedule? Any quirks?
Most of the medical stuff isn’t too onerous.  I still work in the NHS in Scotland and just ask one of my colleagues if I’m covering a procedure I haven’t come across myself.  I write 1000 words every day, no matter what else is going on. I have to be quite disciplined as I still work full time and have two young kids who have something going on every night of the week!
For you, what is the most challenging part of writing a book? Beginnings? Middles? Ends? How do you conquer these problem areas?
I absolutely love beginnings and always know how the book will start and how the book will finish.  How I will get there is a mystery even to me!  I just write and see where it takes me! 
How important do you feel social media is to an author’s career? Any tips on what to do and not to do for those of us new to social media?
I am officially rubbish at social media.  I have a website, a blog, a Facebook author page and a twitter account.  I can’t use any of these things during office hours as I’m at work and when I get time at night the most important thing for me to do is write.  I try to prioritise by telling myself that there’s nothing more important than the next book.  I’m also one of the editors of Pink Heart blog and have a monthly column there.  That takes up a little bit of time and I try to be careful about managing my time carefully.
The big thing authors hear these days is self-promotion, especially for newbies. And as I am now a newbie, I’m so anxious to hear you answer to this question: Could you give us tips on the essential must-do’s for an author?
The essential thing is to write the next book.  Honestly.  Just that. 
If there was one thing you wished you’d have known before you got published, what would it be?
How much fun this all is!!!!  The Mills and Boon Author lunches in September each year in London are fabulous.  The lunches with your editor are fabulous.  The time spent at the RNA conference each year is –guess what – fabulous!
What’s the title of your next book to hit the shelves? When can we expect it?
After this one, HER CHRISTMAS EVE DIAMOND, in November, I have a cruise ship book called AN INESCAPABLE TEMPTATION out in February.  Then I have a 2-in-1 out in August based on the CDC in Atlanta.
Thank you so much for stopping by The Hot Pink Typewriter!!! We loved hearing about HER CHRISTMAS EVE DIAMOND and hope you’ll stop by again.
If you’d like to learn more about Scarlet and her fabulous books, you can check out her website at:


  1. Scarlet, thanks so much for stopping by!!! I have your Christmas book ordered. I can't wait for it to get here. *rubs hands anxiously* :-)

  2. Congratulations on the sale! I can't wait to start the book.

  3. Thanks Jan. it's always a little nerve wracking when people tell you they are going to read your book!

  4. Hi Scarlet! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your book sounds wonderful-Christmas books are my favourite ;-) Congrats on your success!

  5. Thank you for stopping by, Scarlet! Love your advice on social media, and I couldn't agree more. When time is in short supply, the writing should come first! Congratulations on your success, and all the best.