Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 RITA nominee Linda Warren is in the Hot Seat!

Please welcome Linda Warren to the Hot Pink Typewriter. We're thrilled to have her.

Linda is the author of 31 books for Harlequin SuperRomance and Harlequin American. She’s a two-time RITA nominee who pens award winning romances with happily ever after’s.


Congratulations on your nomination for the 2012 RITA Series Contemporary. Could you tell us a little about the nominated story?

The Texan’s Bride is the second book in The Hardin Boys trilogy for SuperRomance. The story is a marriage of convenience between two strong-willed protagonists who know exactly what they want in life and are determined to get it. The hero is a hardnosed business man set on owning an oil company. The heroine can make his dream come true, but she wants a baby. So they make a deal. When she becomes pregnant, everything changes. Their emotions become involved and they have to reevaluate their goals and their lives.

This book is probably the most emotional book I’ve ever written. By the end of the book, both characters have gone through tremendous change and realize what’s really important in life. 

With this being your second year to get the RITA call, could you give us glimpse behind the curtain and share some of what it’s like to be a nominee at RWA Nationals?

It’s unbelievable!!! Getting the Rita call is right up there with getting “The Call”. I blubbered thank you about ten times. I didn’t hear much after, “Congratulations, your book is a finalist for the Rita.” My brain shut down. It’s such a euphoric shock. After hanging up, I cried both times. Being recognized by my peers is an emotional high unequaled by anything in my writing career.

Then the anticipation starts, getting a decent photo and press info to the RWA office, mailing extra books for final round judging, planning details for the conference, figuring out what to wear to the parties, the rehearsal and the big ceremony. I’m so honored and excited to be apart of it.  

And most importantly, do you have your dress picked out? *G*

Not yet, but I have it narrowed down. I’m considering a black and white outfit (has a beaded top that’s nice) or teal and black. The teal has a bolero with ruffles. Not to crazy about that. Then there’s this purple outfit that’s sparkly and bright. I like it, but it may be too loud for me. So, no, haven’t made up my mind. <grimace>        

You write for both Harlequin SuperRomance and Harlequin American that must keep you busy, can you tell us how you balance your writing with the rest of your life? Do you have a regular schedule? Any quirks?

What life? <smile> Sometimes it feels that way.  Writing for two lines keeps me busy, as you mentioned. I’m up at six and have breakfast with the hubby, read the paper and then do my exercise routine. My mornings I spend answering and reading emails, writing a blog if I have one scheduled, paying bills, taking care of mailings and generally clearing my desk of to-do things before I start writing. I have lunch with the hubby and my writing day starts at one. I work until about five and then it’s dinner and husband time. I’m usually back at my computer about seven and quit about ten, if I can. That’s during the week. Weekends are family time, but I try to sneak writing in, especially if I’m behind on a deadline. If I’m really behind, bills, emails and everything else waits and I write in the mornings. But those are long. long days.

Quirk: I have to have absolute quiet to write.   

Where do you find inspirations for your moving stories?

Everywhere. Movies, TV, newspapers, and everyday life. The first book I sold I took from an article in the newspaper. A newborn baby girl had been left in a basket on someone’s doorstep. The authorities were trying to figure out who the baby was and why she was left at that particular house. I watched the paper every day and nothing else was ever mentioned about the baby. The story fueled my imagination and I created a life for the adult Jane Doe, including a handsome hero and lots of conflict. The story became The Truth About Jane Doe for SuperRomance Jan 2000.

What would be your one bit of advice for an unpublished writer?

The old tried and true - Never give up. Study the line you want to write for, especially the releases by new authors to see what editors are buying.

Before you go, could you share with us a little about any new books that are on the horizon for you?

Tomas: Cowboy Homecoming comes out in Dec 2012. It’s book six of a continuity series, Harts of the Rodeo, for Harlequin American. I then have a trilogy for SuperRomance, which I’m working on now. No titles yet. After that, I have another Harlequin American. And then I’m going to take a nap.

Thank you so much for stopping by The Hot Pink Typewriter!!! We've loved having you and hope you’ll stop by again.

 It was a pleasure. Thanks for asking me.

2012 Rita Finalist for Contemporary Series Romance!

The Texan’s Bride

Harlequin Super Romance
October 2011

When love’s a business arrangement…

Sheltered her entire life, Jessie Murdock has rarely gotten her way. Until her dying father makes a deal with Cadde Hardin. Cadde will get shares of Shilah Oil on one condition: marry Jessie. In love with him for years, Jessie doesn’t hesitate to sign the papers. But she didn’t sign up for a completely absent husband.

Now Jessie has a counter offer. She’ll give Cadde controlling interest of the business if he’ll give her a baby: …the natural way. Only he has a few caveats of his own. When life refuses to follow their written plan, Jesse and Cadde have to decide which is more important: their unspoken love or the family business.


  1. Linda, I'm so excited having you here. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with the ladies of the Hot Pink Typewriter. Love hearing about what it's like to be a RITA nominee. So looking forward to a picture of you in your dress, whichever one you choose. *G* They all sound lovely.

    And good luck at Nationals. You have so really lovely company in your division to keep you company. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

  2. Great interview, Linda. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Oooh, I got chills reading about your RITA call! Your book sounds fabulous, and can we talk about that cover?? Hotness! Shoot--my TBR list keeps growing. :-)

    Best of luck at Nationals!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by, Linda. It was wonderful to hear about your RITA call, how thrilling that must have been! Best of luck at Nationals and congratulations!

  4. Jennifer,
    Thank you! It's fun to be here. I'm still trying to decide about the dress. Major headache, but a nice major headache.

    Yes, there are a lot of talented authors in my category. It will be an exciting night.

    Thanks for inviting me.

  5. Hi Natalie,
    Thank you!! Yes, we can talk cover. Oh-la-la. It's always nail biting time when I receive a cover. This was was a "Yes!" I loved it and it depicted the story really well. It's so nice when that happens. Oh-la-la-la


  6. Hi Victoria,
    It was thrilling and something I'll never forget. I couldn't do anything but smile for the rest of the day.

    Thank you for your good thoughts. I need them. I'll be so nervous that night.


  7. I definitely think you should go sparkly and bright, Linda! Both your pictures look like you're a lady who likes colour, so I say go for it!
    I got tingles up my spine reading about the Rita calls, they must have been so exciting! Congratulations, and I love the sound of your new release, so will go track it down on Amazon!

  8. Hi Sally,
    Yes, I like color and I like sparkly and bright. I must be six. LOL

    The Rita Call is one of those moments I'll never forget. I get to wear sparkly and bright and go to parties. Yay!

    Thank you for posting.

  9. I really enjoyed this interview, Linda. Thanks so much for giving your time up for the blog. Oh, and huge congrats!! Lindsay :-)