Friday, February 21, 2014

Giveaway Winner

Congrats, Christy! You're the winner of our Valentine's Day Giveaway! Please contact me at writeroliviamiles (at) gmail with your contact info. Happy Reading!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day! As we are in the business of romance, it seems only fitting that we celebrate the day with the things we love best...books! 

We're spreading the love this holiday and one lucky commenter will win the Grand Valentine's Day Prize, which includes signed, and even advance copies from the group here at The Hot Pink Typewriter. 

So pop the champagne, open a box of chocolates and get ready to indulge, and tell us: What would be your perfect Valentine? 

Rachel Lyndhurst: "On Valentine’s Day fifteen years ago my first child came screaming into the world and didn’t seem to stop very often for about eighteen months after that. Understandably February 14th has never been the same since, although there’s usually a good amount of cake about and lots and lots of gift wrap. So my perfect Valentine’s Day wouldn’t involve flowers, chocolate or silk knickers. It would be just me and him. Alone. Maybe on a secluded beach somewhere exotic. You have to dream!"
Rachel is giving away signed paperback copies of  Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire and The Spanish Billionaire’s Hired Bride.

Olivia Miles: "Perhaps I've been reading my daughter too many Fancy Nancy books, but this year, I'm hoping for a sumptuous Valentine's Day. This winter has been so busy with family and work commitments, and I'd love an opportunity to swipe on some lipstick, dress up in heels and sparkly jewelry, and have a night on the town. We moved out of the city (Chicago) last year, and I'd love to get back to one of my favorite neighborhood bistros, shed the jeans and T-shirts and every day responsibilities, and simply indulge."
Olivia is giving away two signed copies of her upcoming release, Recipe for Romance. (One for you, and one for your special someone.) 

Jennifer Shirk: "As I get older, I'm finding I'm less and less interested in candy and flowers. So what I absolutely love is a fantastic dinner out with my hubby--appetizer to dessert. However, what we're doing this year is going out to a dinner the day before Valentine's Day with our daughter and then on Valentine's Day, the hubby and I are having a "date night" at home (the daughter will be out at Youth Group) where we'll cook together and have a nice evening that way. Two nice dinner this year! How perfect is that?"
Jennifer is giving away a copy of her ebook, A Little Bit Cupid

Natalie Charles: "I've already told my Valentine to skip flowers and chocolates. This year, I want a twin -- preferably one who will be fine with changing diapers, preparing meals, and going to my day job so that I have more time to write. Since twins are difficult to find, I'd also be fine with a helper monkey, although realistically that would mean I'd still have to report for work."
Natalie is giving away a signed copy of her upcoming release, The Burden of Desire.

Tina Vaughn: "I'm a huge fan of the public "grand gesture" in romance novels but...not so much in real life. I prefer a private show of affection. ;) A quiet Valentine's Day dinner at home with my husband sounds good to me. (As long as I don't have to cook it.) Throw in some chocolate and I'd call that pretty much perfect.
* I'll just say it's likely I'll get my wish since, as I write this, we already have received a couple feet of snow and the white stuff is still falling."
Tina is giving away a copy of her ebook, No Sweeter Love.

Victoria James: "This has been a crazy winter around here. With two small kids and both myself and the DH being self-employed our schedules are all over the place and we don't spend nearly enough 'quality' time together-without the kids. Currently our house is filled with the stomach flu and colds, going on week two. Poor DH hasn't even made it down the stairs in almost a week, having caught the ickiest stomach flu from kid #1. Sooooo.....this year, what I'd love for Valentine's Day?
1) Everyone in the house germ free!
2) A cleaning lady
3) Takeout
4) A night out with a non-sick hubby
5) Sleep
That's probably the most unromantic Valentine's list ever! Happy Valentine's Day! XO"
Victoria is giving away ebook copies of books 1 and 2 in the Red River series: A Risk Worth Taking and The Best Man's Baby. 

We'll be announcing the winner next Friday, so be sure to leave a comment before then for your chance to win. And remember, we'd like to know...What is YOUR Valentine's Day wish?